One-on-One in Atlanta

Can't commit to taking a long drawn-out Photography Course?

Then consider a One-on-One    "Crash Course in Mastering your Camera"

This is a one time meeting where we will specifically focus on your camera, it's features and functions and what all those buttons are for. By the end of our time together you will be more confident in using your equipment and have a good grounding in the terminology associated with photography.
Lots of my students find this a valuable class if they are about to embark on a group class or an online class as these types of learning environments rarely focus on specific camera models or if they simply want to be able to use the camera they have to it's full potential. Class Duration is 1 1/2 hrs.
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Would you like to go a little more in-depth? Then choose a Series of One-on-One classes

I will tailor the course content specifically for you, your camera and your photography areas of interest. Taking a series of classes will allow you to have a much deeper understanding of your camera, lenses, photo software and the concepts of photography. I will meet with you for a minimum of two 90 minute sessions which can be scheduled over whatever time period you would like. Sessions can be added as needed.

Classes are a mixture of theory and hands-on practice "in the field" and include weekly assignments.

Drop me a quick email using this form to see my upcoming availability and to ask any questions you might have.