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Thanks for stopping by I’m Ingrid and I’m the one on a mission to help you (and anyone else who will listen) how to figure out your camera and start taking the types of photos that will knock your socks off!Ingrid Owens Camerashy

I’ve been involved in the photo industry since my dad opened our shop back home in Monaghan, Ireland in 1989.  At the young age of 16 I was catapulted into this fascinating world of lenses, darkrooms, shutter speeds and f stops, and I loved it. Although I’ve tried to move away from this industry on more than one occasion –  a brief flirtation with finance post college (zzzz) and in corporate America when I first moved here (zzz x 10), I keep getting pulled back.  And there have been several reasons why…

1. I am obsessed with cameras and photography and it bugs me that so many people have these awesome pieces of equipment and they don’t know how to use them.

2. I’m a bit of a gleek and I just love messing around with technology, my range of Apple products and of course my Canon gear.

3. If it weren’t for working alongside my dad I wouldn’t have such an awesome relationship with one of the coolest guys around or have been inspired and encouraged to be an entrepreneur.

Ingrid Owens, Photography instructor and her dad

Me and my dad

4. That little shop taught me everything I know about business and marketing – the 4 years of university was just a rehash.  (That plus about 60 million hours of chatting to my coach/sister/bestie)

Ingrid Owens, Photography Tutor and her sister

me and my sis

5. One day when I was working behind the counter a fine young American man who was spending the summer in Ireland, walked in with a camera he didn’t know how to work. 10 years and 2 little girls later, here I am, living on the other side of the ocean, still talking about photography and cameras to anyone who will listen (on this blog), shop to my dad (on skype) and being a full-time mom to boot.

Ingrid Owens, Photography instructor and husband

me and my hubs

So you see, me and cameras – we go waaaaaay back.

I want to help people just like you, beginners in photography.  My aim is to make the camera less intimidating and to teach you the good stuff that will really make a difference to your pictures.  You won’t hear any tech speak or jargon from me and if you do you have my full permission to slap my wrists!

I’m not a Professional portrait photographer, a wedding photographer or nor do I have any of my photos published in the glossy magazines. Most of the photography you’ll see is of my family, both here and there.

The Kelly-Owens-Caballs

The Irish clan

2 little girls splashing in puddles

My little ones

I just love photography and I just know cameras. AND I know how you want to get the most from yours and what the main sticking points are that you have. I want to help you 🙂

I pride myself in being able to explain photography in a way that’s really simple and straightforward and I want to help you get results – fast!

When I’m not chasing around after two crazy kids or skyping my mom and my sister (what did people do without skype?) I teach in-person classes here in Atlanta and run my online photography courses at CameraShy – Your Photo Tutor

I drink tea – hot not iced, I love chocolate and I’ve recently started – don’t laugh -DDP Yoga, and I love it!

Please feel free to shoot me an email using this form with any questions, inquire about scheduling or just to say hi.  I’d love to hear from ya!


Photography really can be simple – don’t let your camera get in the way of taking a great shot.

Join me for a class and you’ll see what I mean.



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