One-on-one Sessions

So you love photography and taking pictures but you just know you could be soooo much better.  You know that you’re only using about half of your camera’s functionality – but who has time to read the manual?  Besides, it doesn’t even tell you want you want to know…Like how to blur out the background, how to shoot in low light, what do all these numbers mean?


I can help you!

All my classes are tailored to whatever you want to learn about.

Just want to take better photos of your family – we’ll focus on that!

Need to take better product photos of your jewelry – that’s where we’ll spend our time.

We meet one-on-one so you get to focus on what you want to and we go at your pace.

Consider me your Personal Photography Tutor!

I’ll help you to Master that Camera and help you take your Photography to the next Level!

Just Get in Touch using this form and let’s get started!